Become Your Own Handywoman
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For over 10 years is has been my passion to teach women how to care for the biggest investment they will ever make, their home! My goal was to create fun, interactive and hands-on classes in basic home improvement and maintenance skills to give women a safe space to practice their new skills.  I feel I achieved my goal and I have had the pleasure of teaching almost 1,000 women how to confidently navigate the maintenance of their homes.

As much as I love teaching these classes, I have decided it is time to let got of this part of my life and move on into new and exciting adventures. In 2012 I got my real estate broker’s license and now I am a full service real estate agent.  I am able to use my wide range of skills and experience to assist women in buying and selling homes.

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I like to help women help themselves, as that is, in my opinion, the best way to settle the woman question. Whatever we can do and do well we have a right to, and I don’t think anyone will deny us.  – Louisa May Alcott